TA-65 Users Survey

TA-65 - The Fountain of Youth? Does The TA-65 Supplement Really Work?

Does TA-65 really work? Does the molecule became known as a fountain of youth reverse aging in humans? Let's find out together!

Please read the Preliminary results of TA-65 User's Survey. If you want to live a longer, healthier life, here you can buy TA-65 supplement

Please take a few minutes to respond to the questions below. We value your feedback and use this information to evaluate the beneficial effects of TA-65 supplement.

If you are not TA-65 user please do not respond and wait while we finish research to see final results.

What Changes Have You Noticed While Taking TA-65 Supplement?

All questions are as compared to before starting TA-65 Supplement! If you are TA-65 user please respond to our survey and tell us what you think.

Are you currently taking TA-65?


For how long do you take TA-65?


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How is your sleep quality?


How is your joint pain and mobility?


How is your energy level?


How is exercise performance?


How is your Immunity?


Frequency of colds?


How is your skin appearance?


How is your hair?


How is your mood and general well-being?


How is your vision (reading of distance)?


How is your hearing?


How is your weight compared to your ideal weight?


How is your appearance? (Have friends or family made remarks)


How is your sexual function?


What is your gender?


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