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TA-65 Remains the Only Telomerase Activator Available as a Supplement. – Other Telomere Support Products Can Not Claim They Induce Telomerase

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TA-65 Remains the Only Telomerase Activator Available as a Supplement

Recently we were puzzled about the way some people are talking about some telomere support products in almost cult like fashion. We had a lot of unanswered questions so we started reading more about.

Telomere support is not the same as telomerase activation.

What Telomere Support means? Telomeres support means slowing down the telomeres shortening through preventing oxidation, inflammation, methylation but not repairing the short telomeres and the damage already present in our bodies, the same as claiming telomere support in your low glycemic index diet, vitamin D, fish oil, gym membership or antioxidants mix you buy from a pharmacy. Looking at some of these products, based on the information posted on their websites we have not found anywhere any active ingredient reported as a proven human telomerase activator. If you look carefully at their websites at the bottom, under FAQ section, you can read clearly that they can not claim any telomerase activation properties of their products.

Also we found out that most “telomere support” products companies are MLM companies. How does MLM work in general? This is about a million gain through a multi-level marketing. The point is for the dealer to sign up more dealers under him, who buy lots of products hoping to sell them to friends, family, and strangers. which brings profit to the dealer who signed up all those dealers. Each of -those- dealers in turn sign up more dealers, who have to buy product in hopes of selling it to friends, family, and strangers, which brings profit to the dealer who signed up all those dealers. The guy on the top of the pyramid makes tons of money.

It is scientifically proven that the only way to activate telomerase and repair the damage of our short telomeres is to take TA-65 supplement.

The Safety and Efficacy Record for TA-65 is powerful. 5 years of development and safety testing before the introduction of TA-65. There are currently hundreds of clients taking TA-65, some for as long as 3 years. Not a single adverse reaction was reported by our licensed physicians.

Since TA-65 was tested for safety and efficacy, investigating each claim apart , like a reduction in critically short telomeres, bone density improvements, inflammatory marker reduction, skin and improvements in blood glucose and other “age related” biomarkers, it is the only supplement that has that data.

Other products that try to compare with TA-65, or claim that they are more efficient, haven’t undergone such research. No other “competitor” of supplement TA-65 has published yet human studies, or even mice studies.

At this point in time we are not aware of any published studies showing another product being telomerase activator. That might change in the near future as science is evolving so quickly.

In the previous article we presented the research which supports the similar claims concerning TA65 – TA-65 Supplement – Review and Scientific Research.

Our conclusion is that TA-65 should not be replaced with other telomere support products as they are working on different ways. TA-65 is the only telomerase activator available and leading a healthy lifestyle, exercising, sleeping well, meditating, taking your fish oil and antioxidants are the best telomere support you can do on your own.


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TELOMERASE ACTIVATION WITH TA-65® Telomerase activation works on targeted cells in your body and can improve not only cell longevity but quality of life.


  1. Evgenia Revzina  June 28, 2014

    Why know recommended only one capsule a day Before it was two and fore So what change?


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