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Preliminary Results of Our TA-65 User’s Survey

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TA-65 Users Survey

The TA-65 Users Survey was carried out from October 2012 to February 2013. Our study population included 54 participants from 9 countries who volunteered to fill out our questionnaire about the self-perceived benefits of taking TA-65.

Each study participant completed a confidential survey questionnaire that contained questions about the subjective changes noticed after starting to take the TA-65 supplement.

There were slightly more males (60%) in this survey than females (40%). The average age of respondents was 61 years (range 30 to 83 year old).

Participants took at least 2 capsules daily.

As we already know, the full spectrum of TA-65 benefits can only be seen after a taking the supplement for a minimum of 6 months. This study outlined the benefits seen in actual human subjects, during the course of the 6 months.

We are presenting below the results of the confidential survey.

TA-65 Users Survey

Improvement shown in Subjects (ages 30-83) taking TA-65 over a period of 6 months:

Improvement Areas %
Sleep 50%
Join mobility/Reduced pain 75%
Improved energy 75%
Exercise Performance 75%
Immune Function 81%
Less frequency of colds 75%
Skin 75%
Hair 88%
Mood/Well-Being 88%
Vision 56%
Physical Appearance 88%
Sexual function 50%


2 caps 25%
4 caps 75%



A overwhelming % of those surveyed (Greater than 80%) saw improvements in:

Immune function, Mood and Sense of General Well-Being, Quality of their hair and were complemented by friends and family on improvements in their appearance.

75% of those studied experienced improved joint mobility, a reduction in joint pain, improved energy and greater exercise tolerance and endurance.

75% of the survey also saw improvements in the quality of their skin and had fewer colds (a testament to the improved immune function.)

50% of more of those studies saw improvements in Quality of sleep, Vision and Sexual Function.

If you have been taking TA-65 for more than 6 months, we encourage to, take part in our survey – TA-65 Users Survey. We welcome any feedback you can give!


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TELOMERASE ACTIVATION WITH TA-65® Telomerase activation works on targeted cells in your body and can improve not only cell longevity but quality of life.


  1. Gabriele  October 28, 2013

    I want to ask you.. I WILL START TAKE TA65 when i will be 35.. but my question is.. i will have to take it for all my LONG life? or i have to take it for 1-2 year then stop for some year and re take it again? Thanks


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