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Cariine D., JacksonDose: 3 daily, Treatment duration: 3 months

Immediately I noticed my sleep to be markedly improved.... Sounder, longer and more restorative. The fact that my sleep has improved also contributes to my energy and improvement in mood. After about 3 weeks I also noticed marked decrease in hip pain ( with associated sciatic pain) ....pain that I have been plagued with for more than a year literally disappeared. Although I do take a number of antioxidants and phytovhemicals in conjunction with TA65, I was not until the addition of TA65 did I see such a noticible change.

Indu P., AucklandDose: 250mg, Treatment duration: 1 months

Since taking TA 65 I have found I have more energy.

Marylyn, New WestminsterDose: 1 daily, Treatment duration: 8 months

I have found it really calmed me down sure helped my stress levels ...improved my energy and stamina throughout the day ...my immune system is strong as it is the flu season and alot of people have the flu I have not ....sleep all night big bonus as well ..no other supplement compares to TA65...I find it amazing ...thank you

Colleen, AucklandDose: 1 daily, Treatment duration: 3months 1week

I found a review online about your product. I found your website and decided to give it a try. Firstly I live in New Zealand and thought that it would be a long process. But no within a week they had been delivered half way round the world. My next order I rang it through and the girl was very helpful. I am just going into my 4th month, and the main difference as your other users have said is my eyesight. I also feel revived. I am a very active mid 50's who had just started to feel some things were getting a bit harder to keep up with. But that has gone. I am capable of doing everything with the same energy as I use to. I am looking forward to the next 3months outcome. I am also using RG Cell. Fabulous. Please make it in a bigger bottle. I am using it on my neck, and finding my skin is defiantly tightening.

Raquel S., San DiegoDose: 4 daily, Treatment duration: 6 months

I bought Ta65 for myself at the beginning of the year, and started to take it randomly, I received an e mail talking about dementia and Alzheimer disease so immediately I gave it to my mother who we thought was starting with these disease, she is 72 years old. in less than a month taking 4 daily , she started to come back to us, she went back to being herself again. She gain back her energy and her memory, she wanted again to go out and live her life as she use to. From that day she is taking 4 daily and after seen so many doctors and not having any clue what was going on with her, now she is the woman she used to be. We are more than thankful with you and the research behind TA65. This is a true story. Now me , my father and my husband take TA65 daily.

Stephany, SomersetDose: 4 per day, Treatment duration: 5 months

Started 5/2013, and only started with 2 per day. 2 months ago upped the dose to 4 since I am over 65 and feel you need to be more aggressive in the dosage. One difference noticed for sure is that my immune system has strengthened. I usually have at least one or two upper respiratory infections per year, and this year I have not had even a small cold. No real difference yet in skin, but feel that a month or so on the elevated dosage will improve that.

Rosemary P., MontrealDose: 1 capsule daily, Treatment duration: 1 year 3 months

Skin is clearer and younger looking Eyesight has improved Crooked fingers are a bit straighter Hair is thicker A little stronger Muscle tone might be a little better. I know I am not losing ground there like I could be. But the biggest improvement is a sharper clear thought process and memory. I am 75 years old and I lost my husband in September of 2012 . I have had to take over where he left off. I believe the TA65 has been a definite help.

Milenka K., MontrealDose: 2 a day, Treatment duration: 45 days

First improvements: • My skin became smoother • My brown spots on the hands are getting lighter I feel more energy.

Jennifer Y., PlanoDose: 2 a day, Treatment duration: 2 years

The biggest thing I have noticed is my energy level has increased two fold. I am 49 and I have the same energy I had when I was 25. My vision has improved and my hair is shinier and not turning grayer. I love this supplement and am so thankful someone developed it when it is my turn to age! We live in fortunate times!

Debis., MiamiDose: 2 a day, Treatment duration: 2 years

I took the life length telomere blood test, age 48 before I decided I was going to try TA-65 and I took it again a year after. For the first six months I took one dose a day, then two a day. Results: First test showed at age 48, I was 47 years old, second test a year later showed I was 7 years younger, at age 49 it showed I was 42. It really does work, that year I was doing less exercise and had a surgical procedure done. It does work, I will be taking TA-65 for the rest of my life.

Linda M., New LondonDose: 3 capsule daily, Treatment duration: 1 year

The biggest objective change that people keep commenting upon is the youthful look of my skin. At a recent business conference one of the expert speakers contacted me afterwards to ask what my secret was since he last saw me a couple of years ago. The only change I made was TA-65

William B.Dose: 1 capsule daily, Treatment duration: 1 year

I am 83 and since I have been taking ta65 my blood test has improved considerably. I have always been in good health. When people find out my age they are astonished. My hair is beginning to turn back to my youth.

Robert, AustraliaDose: 1 capsule twice daily, Treatment duration: 4 months

I have noticed amazing improvement in energy and general well being. Most marked increased memory and concentration in particular my multitasking.

Jonathan J., PhiladelphiaDose:250, Treatment duration: 1 year

I am a 45 year old divorced African American male. I have used several products and had great results but none to be compared to ta65. Ta65 has provided such evident drastic differences in my Appearance that women half my age give second looks and regular compliments. I get a lot of no way when I do share my age. I have also experienced friends and family tell me that I look great and ask me what I'm doing. Ta65 is an amazing product and I am now on the auto ship and intend to do so as long as I'm here. I recommend this product. I am also a share holder of geron corporation.

Ann, on August 12, 2013

Why is taking 3 tablets never mentioned? My reactions: first week saw deeper sleep and increased overall body pain. That pain lasted 3 or 4 days and is gone. 2nd week: legs stronger as evidenced by better bike ridingm3rd week: mood much improved. Sleep continues to be deep and restful. I am very happy so far.

Hello Ann. The three caps is fine too, we just considered an upgrade in dose the doubling of the prior one.

Walter Bell, on July 13, 2013

I was taking a knockoff product of TA-65 for about 3 months, with no results. I just ordered my first bottle of TA-65, and have been taking it for only 6 day. The results are absolutely great!!! Don't buy knockoffs, because they don't work!!!! Get the real thing.

Ivan Wastchenko, on July 11, 2013

I have an enbelievable news for you: since 20 years, I have a gluten alergy and a lactose intolerance. According the oficial medecine, you can't cure it. After 5 months TA-65 treatment, these problems have gone! This has changed completely my life!

Evelyn Fain, 82 years old, from Garland, Texas, on April 2, 2013

I've been taking ta-65 for a year and I can swear by it. I see an improvement on my over all health and appearance, my skin looks 20 years younger on my face and all over the body, my memory and mind seem to function better so I can work still work at a law firm at my age or 82. They can't beleive it when i tell them my age, they all say I look way way younger. Even my voice seems to have improved, on the phone people think they are taking with an younger person. Basically all the listed results on the web and flyer they all apply to me. (energy, better sleep, mental function etc) I am in very good health since I've been taking it.

Marylyn Gardner, 61 years old, on April 1, 2013

The benefits of TA-65 is like no other supplement I have ever taken worth ever cent

Just started taking it for 1/2 a month and am impressed at my overall feeling of well being plus my osteoarthritis on my knee has gone which shocked me plus the energy focus alertness is beneficial to my job is so enhanced...I am going to continue to take this.

Grace, 59 years old, on January 26, 2013

I bought 15 bottles from you 4 months ago... I'm staying skeptical about it, but it's harder and harder to take that tact, as I see the benefits accruing. Sexual desires skyrocketing, eyesight is better and stamina in everything (ballet, hiking, yoga, taiji) is stronger.

I'm still good for almost one more year and then will probably buy more if this success keeps up. So THANK YOU!!!!

My friend an aesthetist says I look vibrant and younger than she ever has seen me and now SHE wants to try the TA-65.

Thank you

Bob Seitz, 83 years old, from Huntsville, on December 29, 2012

Although I've been taking TA-65 since the beginning of September, 2011, my integrated dose at a four-capsule-a-day rate amounts to about ten months (1,200 five-mg. capsules). On May 21st of this year, I took the Life Length/Age Diagnostics telomere length test. My equivalent shortest-telomere age was 66.1, or about 16¾ years less than my chronological age at the time. Given the current resolving power of Life Lengths tests (about 200 base-pairs), I'm planning to wait until 2014 to repeat this shortest-telomere assay.

With respect to tangible benefits, I can't attest to any that are incontrovertible. I don't wear glasses except to read. I can no longer use high-powered reading glasses (2.75 diopters} to read my computer screen without leaning forward to get closer to the screen. 1.5-1.75 diopters is probably optimal. although I can read the 10-point default font with no difficulty. Has my vision improved? Maybe so. We'll see what another year or two on TA-65 will bring.

Over the past three months, there has been a dramatic improvement in the aches and pains associated with my rather-minor osteoarthritis. The effect is probably equivalent to heavy continuous dosing with NSAID's, only I'm not taking any NSAID's (It may be ascribable to another bleeding-edge adjuvant I'm taking.) I'm trying to identify its proximate cause because it could, perhaps, benefit other osteoarthritic patients.

Joyce Alta, 68 years old, from Portland, on December 18, 2012

My first order came when I was sick with cold and flu plus uncontrolled coughing throughout the day and night. This is my first order so I took one first, and that night I cough less. The 2nd day, I took another one and that night I cough only twice. The third day , I took one more capsule and that night i did not cough. So far, my flu and cough diminished. It is a good product.

Sabrina, 38 years old, from New York, on November 23, 2012

I have been taking TA-65 for about six months and I have to say my skin looks great, sleep less, I have more energy, I feel more refreshed and I catch less colds. I was in a trip where everybody was sick except me. Overall I am very satisfied and share with all my friends about TA-65.

Timothy J. Pfaffel, 53 years old, on October 21, 2012

I've been taking TA-65 for 7 months. Just start my 8th bottle. One/day.(night actually). I have much better and deeper sleep. I have not noticed any increase in energy. At about 6-7 months, my libido started improving and every morning, I have morning wood, if you know what I mean :-). Haven't had that regularly for years. I'm 53. I do take a huge amount of other nutritional products, msm, magnesium, NAC, niacin, glucosamine, kril oil, acetyl-l-carnatine, multi-vitamin, and more. I've notice the most benefit so far from using Lifewave patches. Hoping the TA-65 will be the best in the long run.

Steven H., 45 years old, from Los Angeles, on June 16, 2012

The package came when it was supposed to. I was informed via email when the package was shipped. I didn’t need to contact anyone, because the package arrived on time and was what I ordered and in good condition. I would buy from the seller again if I have a need for their product. I haven’t had enough time taking the product to decide if the product is right for me.

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